Marketing Enterprise Group

Megan Allen has nearly 30 years experience selling to travel agents, including group producing agents and travel clubs in the New York metropolitan area. She currently represents upscale suppliers such as tourist offices, tour operators and hotels. She is currently a member of industry associations such as 41-74 Club, SKAL, Long Island ASTA, TANQ, TASC , TABS and serves on the board of Long Island CTO.

Because of her extensive time in the field, Megan has developed a comprehensive database for her territory, which allows her to direct her sales efforts to the markets providing maximum sales potential for each account. This also includes the increasing amount of producing home based agents.

Meg has implemented a professional, results oriented system of updating product awareness, increasing business and maintaining customer satisfaction. In addition, by representing non- competing accounts, she can reach more travel buyers at a fraction of the cost to the supplier.

Marketing Enterprise Group
Representing: Hotels, Tourist Boards & Tour Operators
Phone: (516) 355-0145