LoVe 2 TraVeL

LoVe 2 TraVeL is a multi-line sales representation service and has been in the southeast market for 20 years. Often called by the travel agents, a one stop shopping service, I have repped for: cruise lines, airlines, hotels, consolidators, car rental companies and wholesalers.

My experience and knowledge has come from both sides of the desk, as I also was a travel agent, and have traveled extensively.Participation is in Tradeshows, FAM trips and agency training. Each month there are 80-90 sales calls, plus activity reports for the account.Increase in your sales and exposure to the market you’ll receive from LoVe 2 TraVeL.

LoVe 2 TraVeL
Contact: Sandy Grane
7155 Roswell Rd. #13
Atlanta, GA 30328
(770)394-7122 Business and FAX