My Exclusive Journeys’ Time Machine Revisits Medieval Moorish Spain

For culture and history, there’s no place like Spain. The Moors, Jews, and the Christians have left a rich heritage from the early centuries still found in its art, architecture and food. My Exclusive Journeys offers a customized trip highlighting...Read more

EcoWeek Costa Rica to Celebrate the Country’s Environment and Culture

Costa Rica has long been known not only as the most peaceful nation in Central America—it has no military—but as the most eco-friendly as well. As the world’s second most sought-after eco-destination after the Amazon, its diverse environment offers rainforests,...Read more

Goway Offers Mongolia Travel Packages and the Naadam Festival

The Naadam Festival of the Mongols originates from the Hun era (209BC) and has come to our time through centuries. It consists of the 3 Games of Men namely, archery, wrestling and horse racing. The Naadam was a competition among...Read more

Omong’we Travel Is Official Travel Partner of Zanzibar International Film Festival

Omong’we Travel & Tours, a travel company based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, has been selected as the Official Travel Partner of the 14th Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) scheduled to be held in Zanzibar June 18–26, 2011. ZIFF is...Read more

Kleintours Recommends Refreshing Ethno Tourism Experience in Ecuador

The Kichwa-Karanki indigenous community of Magdalena is located around 9,842 ft above sea level at the slopes of the Imbabura volcano in the Ecuadorian north, near Quito. This is a most privileged location surrounded by valleys and lagoons, home to...Read more

Metropolitan Touring Will Visit Machu Picchu on Its Anniversary of Discovery

One hundred years ago on July 24, 1911, the American historian Hiram Bingham arrived at the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, an architectural treasure that remained hidden for over four centuries under the lush vegetation of the Urubamba canyon,...Read more

Tucson Jazz Spring Series Begins March 25

The Tucson Jazz Society’s spring series, Experience Jazz in a New Way, sponsored by Jack Furrier Tire and Auto Care, starts with jazz vocalist and bassist Kristin Korb, along with pianist Llew Mathews, on Friday, March 25, at the Westward...Read more

Europe’s Oldest Civilization: Malta’s Temple-Builders

Seven thousand years ago, a mystical people appeared in Malta. Within 1400 years, this society started producing there, using Stone Age tools, the earliest and most wondrously constructed, free-standing megalithic architecture in the world. What is astonishing is that their...Read more

New York Times Says Go to Zanzibar in 2011

 Zanzibar, also known as “the spice islands,” has long conjured up a romantic image for travelers. Located along the Indian Ocean off the coast of mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar was named one of “41 Places to Go in 2011” by the...Read more

St. Lucia Tourism Upbeat for 2011, Lineup for 20th Anniversary Jazz Event Announced

Saint Lucia’s tourism leaders reported success at the recent 2011 CHTA Caribbean Marketplace in Jamaica and are optimistic about future developments. Saint Lucia’s Tourism Minister, Senator Allen Chastanet (pictured left) told the media from the trade floor of the huge...Read more

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