Chile’s Sonesta Hotel Conception Thanks Associates Post-Earthquake

Sonesta Hotel Conception recently expressed thanks to the Sonesta family, GHL hotels and friends for all the help they extended post-earthquake. With this support, they were able to recover quickly and achieve results with partners.

On August 10, delivery was made of the first house built as the result of this solidarity, and later in the month, 25 fully repaired houses were delivered belonging to staff. In addition, the entire staff received a full complement of crockery and glassware for six. Help with other costs, particularly in health, was also granted. Sonesta delivered a fixed sum to each collaborator, sharing the help provided with each member of its staff. This action earned an average 53-percent occupancy on all rooms, an excellent result considering the percentage of remodeling that’s done constantly. By September 20, the hotel had 100 percent of its guest rooms remodeled and ready to provide services.

Sonesta Conception launched an effort to help Coliumo, whose population was one of the most affected by the tsunami. A day was shared with 45 hotel workers delivering food, clothing, electric heaters, etc.; lunch was shared with locals and at playgrounds.

Sonesta Hotel Concepcion’s team expressed gratitude to Sonesta International Hotels, GHL Central Office, all the hotels operated by GHL Hotels, Caves, Setel, PYM, Sun Vacation Club, Lercos, Innsist, Zeus, Embassy Suites and Christian Vasquez for his significant contribution to the campaign.

Sonesta Hotel Concepcion,